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July 29, 2019 General News

Who owns a tiny home

Living in a RVIA Certified Park Model Tiny Home or simply a “Tiny Home” seems to be all the rage these days, and it’s no mystery as to why. While there are pros and cons to any living situation, tiny homes offer a cozy, minimalist lifestyle, while allowing you to save money. We love a lowered electric bill. There are lots of tiny home options to best suit the lifestyle of the resident(s) living there. Here are just a few of the reasons our customers at Pratt Homes in Tyler, have purchased their Park Model Tiny Homes from us lately.

Solo Living

The limited space of a tiny home makes the perfect den for someone living on their own. While tiny home living can be an excellent option for anyone, it’s a notably attractive choice for single women or those concerned about the safety of living on their own.

There are lots of pros and cons to having less space in a tiny home, but one perk of living in a tiny house is that you know what’s going on everywhere in the house. No sneaky break-ins or quiet fires sparking in the next room will get past your attention, because you’ll always mostly be in the same room.

It’s comforting to know what’s going on throughout your home. It offers a level of security you don’t find in a traditional house or even an apartment. When you live alone, the more secure your home, the more at home and comfortable you can feel.


After moving out of the on-campus dorms, now mandatory for most juniors and seniors, the question arises, “Where to live next?” While most college students’ first choice isn’t to live with mom and dad, that’s sometimes the most economical option. Another option is finding a low-cost apartment near campus. The drawback here is you will probably be sharing an apartment with other roommates, sometimes strangers, until you get a grown-up job and can afford your own place. And while it might sound charming to live in an apartment with several roommates during your 20s, the reality isn’t always like Monica’s apartment in Friends.

It doesn’t make much sense to buy a full-size house for a college student, but it might be a smart move to consider a tiny home for their living situation.

The main hurdle of living in a tiny home is where to “park” it; you need a place for your park model RV tiny house to sit. Renting a space for your tiny home in an RV park is an option in some areas. You will want to investigate your options near the college or university you’ll be attending.

The value of a tiny home vs. an apartment for a student is quite apparent. Of course, you must purchase your tiny home, but once your kids move on to their next venture after graduation, you can get some of that money back by selling it (maybe to them) or leasing it to other students. Consider the alternative; you won’t get any money back after living in an apartment for five years. Ok, maybe your security deposit, assuming the four other roommates didn’t damage anything.

One last thought: Instead of heading to your crowded apartment after school to fight with your roommates over whose turn it is to do the dishes, or who’s been drinking all the Diet Coke, coming home to your own quiet, tiny home, greeted by your two small dogs after a long day of school sounds like a much better deal to me.


Coming home to a quiet tiny home greeted by your two small dogs doesn’t sound like a terrible plan for retired folks as well. Tiny home living can be an excellent option for retirees.

Once the children have flown from the nest, parents continuing to live in the big family house might feel comparatively empty to before. One reason tiny homes have become as popular as they are is due to their simplistic style of living.

If anything, life after retirement should be simple, relaxing, and comfortable, and a tiny home can be made to be all three.


As simple and relaxing as tiny homes can be, they can be simultaneously spontaneous and adventurous. Aside from the new venture of moving into an interestingly compact and contemporary house, tiny homes can be picked up and moved somewhere else if you so choose. Meaning, in a tiny home, you’d always have the option and ability to pick up your house and move off the grid if you wanted to.

Ever have that fantasy of picking up your life and starting over? Well, with the portability of a tiny home, your fantasy of moving to a quaint, sweet little village and making three ingredient pies and working at the library can all be made a reality.


The limited space of a tiny home can be daunting if there’s anyone more than yourself and your dogs (or cats or cockatoo – we love all housepets) living there. However, many families can and do live in tiny homes successfully.

Whether the family is newlyweds or parents with 2.5 kids and a golden retriever, a tiny home can be a great option for people living with family.

It definitely takes an extra bit of patience and planning, for example figuring out which amenities you’d need or want in your tiny home, and furnishing your home to optimize the space as efficiently as possible (Ikea is a great place to start furnishing a tiny home).

Park Model tiny homes are also an excellent option for families who might be needing a bit more space. The layout options, with lofts, can house a large family comfortably with careful planning and design.

Tiny Homes can be a great option for people of all walks and stages of life.

If you ever have more questions about who lives in tiny homes or if a tiny home is right for your new home, call or visit us at Pratt Homes in Tyler, TX. Our RVIA Certified Park Model Tiny Homes have made the perfect new home for folks at all stages of their lives.

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