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Are Modular Homes Safe In Storms?

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October 21, 2018 General News

Something that we need to clear up from the start is that a modern modular home should not be confused with a traditional manufactured home in terms of construction or its ability to be safe in a storm. Living in a modular home should give you peace of mind rather than have you feeling concerned.

Modular Home Weather Advantages

  • Modular homes have anywhere from 15% to 20% more wood per square foot than a traditional site built home. This increases their sturdiness and ability to stand up to a storm.
  • Modular homes are built to strict code standards with stringent inspections at each stage of construction. Site built homes typically receive one inspection at the end of construction.
  • To help enhance each modules stability, drywall is extra reinforced. In a modular home, drywall is both glued and screwed into place to ensure the best adhesion and security.
  • Modular homes are built inside of a controlled environment designed to homes are built stronger and able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Traditional site-built homes are exposed to the elements during all phases of their construction.

According to FEMA

“Overall, relatively minimal structural damage was noted in modular housing developments. The module-to-module combination of units appears to have provided an inherently rigid system that performed much better than conventional residential framing. This was evident in both the transverse and longitudinal directions of the modular buildings,” according to the report. (Get your free copy by calling 1-800-480-2520, publication number FIA-22, item 3-0180)

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