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Why Go Mod?

Let’s go over a few reasons why going Pratt Modular is more ideal than a site-built home.

Modular Homes Are Built in Climate Controlled Environments

The quality of materials doesn’t depreciate due to natural elements like a site-built home experiences. All Modular homes are factory-built and remain unexposed from rain and heat which can result in warping.

Higher Grade Lumber & More Materials In Each Home

At Pratt Modular Homes, 2×6 exterior walls are standard. In the site-built world, it’s typically built with 2x4s. There is an estimated 10,000+ fasteners per home than site-built. On average, we have more insulation than site-built homes as well.

Less Likely To Have Cost Overruns and Delays

Time is money. With our unique Modular Homes, the cost is fixed at closing. Whereas, cost overruns will typically occur with stick-built homes which are prone to weather delays, material degradation, and ultimately more cost associated with the project. Worry not with Pratt Homes!


Modular homes are built in a multi-certified factory under controlled conditions and timelines are not impacted by weather condition. Modular homes are built to the International Residential Construction Codes and are considered “Real Property”, they will appraise and follow the housing market the same as stick-built.

Time is precious to all; your home will get to your location faster and the cost will be less than compared to stick-built construction.

Pratt Homes is the #1 modular builder in Texas. A Pratt Modular home will be built to a higher standard than other building processes… including site-built.

A. The difference between modular and manufactured homes can vary. In short, the difference is in the building codes for each type.

A modular home follows the International Residential Construction Code (IRCC), state, county, city or local codes. Modular homes are “Real Property”

The manufactured homes are built to the codes from the federal HUD code standards. These homes are titled and considered “Personal Property” unless attached to the land. However, Pratt Manufactured Homes are built to a higher standard than any other. These homes far exceed the minimum standards for save housing code (HUD). 

Since modular homes are “real estate” transactions, they qualify all the traditional loan types. However, there some distinct advantages to financing factory-built homes. First, these loans will be a one-time up-front close- construction to perm. That meaning the construction phase of the process is covered in a single loan. Also, you do not have to bring additional money to the closing table. Only your downpayment, if one is required. Once the construction phase is completed, the loan becomes your mortgage.

Pratt Homes offers turnkey services if desired. We have a construction management team that will coordinate inspections of the property and the delivery route, if needed. From our evaluation we can determine what your property may need.

Typically, the land needs a foundation for the home, water, electricity, and sewer/septic hook-ups.

Yes, Pratt Homes displays a wide range of homes on it’s 13-acre showroom. We have an array of modular, manufactured, farmhouses, cottages, and tiny homes on site.

Our consultants will help design and select options to make your home special to you and your Family.

Pratt Homes have multiple environmental benefits including waste reduction, smaller carbon footprint due to precise manufacturing processes, and greater energy efficiency.

Since our founding in 1996, Pratt Homes cared about being good stewards of the environment and has always focused on energy efficiency for all our homes. We always use the maximum level of insulation, low-E thermal windows, and premium HVAC systems. At the end of the day, the energy efficiency and production process we utilize, promotes a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment.

Many options exist at Pratt Homes – brick, stucco, stone, fiber cement board, vinyl siding with roofing options and a plethora of interior options. Pratt Homes is recognized for the architectural ability that differentiate us from other builders.

We currently service Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas with our Factory-Built homes.

However, our Park Models (Tiny Homes) can be shipped nationwide.

The Pratt Difference



Pratt Homes Is
The #1 Modular Builder In Texas.

Since 1996, we have been making dream homes a reality. With thousands of projects under our belt, we are confidently able to say we are the best in the industry.

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