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7 Reasons Modular Homes Are So Affordable

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May 20, 2019 General News

7 Reasons Modular Homes Are So Affordable

In almost all situations, a modular home will end up being more affordable than a site-built home. This financial advantage emerges during the construction process but continues over time once the home is completed and occupied.

Since the overall time spent on all aspects of new home construction directly impacts the final, new home cost, the much shorter construction time of a modular home compared with that of a site-built home will necessarily result in saving money and in a home that will cost less. Once completed, the substantial savings can continue indefinitely due to a modular home’s increased energy efficiency and lower upkeep and maintenance costs. The following are just a few of the possible savings you can expect to enjoy.

Shorter Build Time Results in Lower Cost

The initial building of a modular home takes place indoors inside of the controlled building environment of a large factory which results in time savings in several areas. The actual home construction can take place at the same time as site preparation. With a site-built home, the home site must first be prepared before construction can begin. The controlled closed environment of factory construction also avoids the inevitable weather delays and it protects the buyer from the costs associated with low quality or damaged building materials that would be discarded on a site-built project. Factory construction also avoids the costs of any material losses due to theft.

Manufacturers Reduce Costs Through Bulk Purchasing

The one at a time unique construction of a site-built home means building materials can only be purchased in limited amounts as the project progresses. Limitations on available storage space and exposure to weather rule out most cost saving bulk purchasing opportunities. Since modular manufacturers are building a number of homes at any one time, they can purchase all of the needed materials in bulk which can result in a greatly reduced average cost for each item. Even just a few cents saved on each board, nail or screw can add up to big savings on the final home. And often the purchase volume from a single supplier is great enough to qualify for discounts on higher quality premium items. This can all add up to significant savings to the home buyer.

Lower Labor Expense Keeps Costs Down

With a modular home, the labor expense associated with the various specialty contractors such as electricians and plumbers will be greatly reduced since most of that work has already been finished back at the factory. And since fewer man hours are needed in total to construct a factory built modular home, the overall cost of labor of all types and specialties will be considerably less than it would be for a site-built home. The enhanced manufacturing efficiency of the factory environment ensures less wasted labor time in general, and these savings are reflected in the modular home’s final cost.

You Only Pay for the Building Materials Needed

Whenever the builder of a site-built home orders the building materials such as the stone, brick, lumber, roofing, flooring, etc. that will be used in the project, they will always purchase a bit more than needed. This is because some material may be damaged in the building process, some pieces may be substandard and end up discarded, and there could be some losses due to theft. Regardless of the reason, the site-built home purchaser ends up paying for this additional material that is wasted or never used. But waste and losses such as these do not occur during construction in the modular home factory environment, and this helps keep down the finished home cost.

Fewer Required Home Inspections Keep Expenses Low

In most jurisdictions, a number of city or other local government inspections are required at various stages of the construction process of a site-built home before a final certificate of occupancy is issued. These involve plumbing, electrical, duct work, and various other specific construction components to ensure building code compliance, and most of these required inspections will have permit fees attached. While something like a septic system or foundation will still require permitting and on-site inspection, most other required inspections will be performed at the factory as a modular home’s construction progresses and before the home travels to its final destination, avoiding a number of permit fees and also speeding up the overall process.

Above Average Energy Efficiency Saves You Money

Modular homes are much more energy-efficient than the average site-built home, so monthly energy expenses will usually be substantially less. The environmentally friendly ‘green’ nature of the modern modular home also adds to its energy efficient quality. Any house that is built from the ground up outdoors will absorb moisture. As the house dries out over time, this moisture gets released, resulting in cracks and gaps in the structure that diminish the home’s long term energy efficiency. Modular homes built in a controlled building environment avoid this problem. Many modular home builders are also Energy Star certified partners, building homes that meet or exceed all current Energy Star building standards.

Enjoy Lower Maintenance and Repair Costs

The building code specifications for modular homes usually exceed those for the traditional site-built home, with the specific rules and guidelines resulting in a higher level of overall quality. The precise craftsmanship and special energy saving features such as additional insulation found in most modular homes helps keep the cost of long-term maintenance and any needed eventual repairs well below average. And unlike a typical site-built home, most modular homes also come with an extensive and long duration warranty that protects the home’s owner from many unexpected expenses.

If you do end up deciding that a modular home is the right choice for you, remember that more complicated specifications and a custom design, especially one that includes a few luxury amenities, will still impact your final construction cost. And as with building any new home, it is crucial to research all aspects thoroughly since all modular home companies are not alike. A reputable company like Pratt Homes, Tyler, Texas, with many years of experience in modular home construction can help guide you through the entire process from in-house financing programs to a completed project that will ensure you end up with the affordable home of your dreams.

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