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5 Upgrades to Consider When Building a New Home 

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Upgrades to Consider When Building a New Home Pratt Homes, Tyler, Texas
November 8, 2022 Decoration, Homes

What makes a house a “Home”? 

What are the custom amenities and built-ins that create a new home that’s unique and special to you and your family? 

When building a new home and making it yours, Pratt Homes in Tyler, Texas, knows it’s all about the details. 

When considering building a new home, modular home, pre-built home, pre-fab home, or tiny home, it all comes down to the upgrades and details. 

When you’re in the construction process, start planning what custom upgrades and warranty options you and your family want and need. 

For many, it’s about finding a balance between saving money and incorporating those craftsmanship details that make a home something special. 

One of the many benefits of investing in a pre-built home is you have almost endless options when it comes to upgrades and custom add-ons. 

Some of the first amenities that come to mind are: a new porch or deck, a garage, a kitchen, custom flooring, craftsman cabinets, appliances, a fireplace, etc. 

To help narrow it down, here is a list of 5 upgrades to consider when building a new home: 

1. Kitchen Upgrade: 

The kitchen can really be the heart of a home, especially a custom designed modular home

Think about what amenities you’ve always wanted in your kitchen and make the dream a reality. 

Whatever room in your home you choose to put it in, custom flooring can make all the difference. Tile, laminate, wood—there are many beautiful, customizable flooring options to make a kitchen or any room in your home feel just the way you envisioned. 

Whether upgrading your kitchen or designing a new one, a kitchen island can be a great preference for storage, organization, extra seating, and counter space. You can design an island that fits both your kitchen space and your family’s needs. 

2. A New Porch, Deck, or Patio 

A porch, deck, or patio is a beautiful way to bring the exterior of a home together while at the same time creating a great outside space for you, your family, and guests to enjoy. 

If you have a large family and/or like to entertain often, custom-designing an outdoor gathering space can really be a useful and enjoyable addition to your home. 

Consider including custom seating, an outdoor kitchen, garden space, an outside fireplace, and more. 

Sometimes we forget to pay attention to the outside spaces of our homes and how some custom additions can make all the difference to how we live and how we take advantage of our properties. 

When picturing your new modular home, imagine your family gathered around a custom-built table on your craftsman patio. 

3. Garage Upgrade 

What helps your turn-key home’s yard and outside space look clean and tidy? 

A garage upgrade

Adding a garage to your home provides many essential functions, especially storage and extra living/recreation space. 

A garage doesn’t have to just be for storing paint and vehicles. Instead, make your garage into a workshop, studio, extra guest space, office, or kid’s play space. 

Customize your garage to fit the needs of you and your family. 

More people are working from home today, so why not create an office space away from your home to work comfortably and efficiently? 

Talk with your modular home specialist about what garage options are right for you. 

4. Custom Cabinetry 

Nothing can make a room come together like custom cabinets

Custom cabinetry is about a lot more than storage. 

Especially if you’re in a tiny home, custom cabinets are a great option to utilize every inch of space in your home. 

Cabinets like this are ideal for any size modular or pre-built home, but if your living space is a bit smaller, there’s a lot of benefit to quality custom cabinets. 

Good cabinetry is storage that meets style and architecture. You can design them to be almost any type of wood, with various trim options and colors, and there are also fun DIY options! 

5. Fireplace 

What adds more atmosphere to a home than a fireplace

Whether you’re enjoying a romantic evening in front of the fire on a chilly night or having fun around your outdoor fireplace on your custom patio, adding a fireplace to your home is a great way to enjoy and customize your pre-built home. 

East Texas can have some cool, chilly days in the winter. What could make those better than coming home to your own fireplace to help you relax and beat the chill? 

Whether you’re designing and building a new home or creating ideas for upgrades to an existing home, it’s all about those details that make your home feel like yours. 

Talk to your custom pre-built home building company today, and turn your design dreams into a new home or custom upgrade. 

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