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Why We Love Porches

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September 11, 2015 Porches

There are certain design aspects of a home which are essentially must-haves on the top of the list for home buyers. One of these particular features is the porch. For over a century, the porch has been included in the blueprints for the vast majority of American homes. In fact, American homes have featured porches as part of their design since the middle of the 19th century. Many historians believe this is likely because families were starting to live in individual homes and they wanted an area where they could comfortably spend time outdoors and socialize. After all, haven’t you ever heard of the term “porch sitting”?

A porch can be in either the front or the back of a home, but most homes at least have one porch leading to the front door. There are also homes which have absolutely no porch at all. If you’re in a position where you must choose between a home with a porch and one without one, first take a look at a couple of the reasons why we love porches and you should too!

Relaxation Zone – By far the best thing about a porch is that it’s a great spot to relax with family and chat with neighbors. Many people tend to stick to themselves as they come and go to work or school, but porches encourage neighbors to get to know one another. When’s the last time you had a cup of coffee in the morning or spent a relaxing evening sipping a cocktail on your porch? You might want to do so occasionally in order to check out what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Weather Coverage – So many people love their porches because they offer a space where you can be shielded from the elements when entering or exiting the home. Whether it be rain or snow falling from the sky, the porch provides a shield to keep you dry. The porch is also a great place to lay down a doormat or outdoor rug so you can clean your shoes on rainy or snowy days. On sunny days, a porch can even protect you from the rays of the sun making a spot that’s perfect for enjoying your morning coffee or an al fresco lunch.

Since the introduction of the porch, there has been a brief time in which houses were being designed without them. In the past few years we’ve seen the shift back to designs that include traditional types of porches. It’s important to keep in mind that not all porches have to be alike. There are all kinds of styles of porches that are preferred by modern homeowners. There are wide elevated porches known as “farmer’s porches” which are common in New England, screened porches which are popular in areas that are known to have a healthy bug population, sprawling verandas and massive open areas known in Italian as “loggias”. If you’re designing or remodeling the exterior of your home, you might want to review the different types of porches to get an idea of which one best suits your home’s style.

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