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What’s in a Name? Mobile, Trailer, or Manufactured — The Benefits of Owning this Type of Home

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August 30, 2020 Homes
The Benefits of Owning Mobile Home

No matter what you call this style of home, there are countless benefits to designing and owning a manufactured or mobile home.

In Tyler, Texas, Pratt Modular Homes has built thousands of homes: mobile home, trailer house, double wide, single wide, manufactured, tiny home…we’ve built them all!

As a family-owned business building homes since 1996, we know how important your home is, no matter what it’s called. And we know the countless benefits of owning one of these houses.


Especially for new homeowners, this type of home is much more affordable. For those going back and forth between renting and owning, a modular, trailer, or manufactured home is the perfect option. Chances are, your monthly payments will be cheaper than renting, with the added benefit that you get to own and design your own space! An added benefit is that it gives you the opportunity to build credit.

If you don’t have to put all your money into building your home, you can afford more or better property. Put the money you save into a nice piece of real estate, and have it all.


Control over your design and building helps you save money. Choosing a modular home gives you considerably more control over the specifics, meaning you can cut costs.

Additionally, manufactured homes are factory-built, which leaves less room for error on all fronts. In building a home, mistakes cost money. By eliminating the mistakes, you help cut down on the cost!

Modular, trailer, and manufactured homes are must faster to construct than traditionally constructed houses. Rather than losing time and money on the building process, you save both when you choose this type of house.

Savings also come in the form of being more environmentally friendly. Using utilities and materials that are more efficient, you can save a lot of money on utility bills. Insulation and top of the line HVAC systems help save money, and help the environment.

Design and Amenities:

Is it your fantasy to design your dream home? With this type of housing, you can! The sky is basically the limit when it comes to design. Whether you want to live in a tiny home, a cabin-style home, a ranch-style, or so many more, the option is yours. Just because it isn’t a traditionally built home, doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Modular homes have all the beautiful features custom homes have porches/decks, lawns/landscaping, signature flooring, granite countertop options, and all the latest appliances.

In addition to custom design, you can also have any of the amenities you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s a hot tub, custom flooring, walk-in closet, or fireplace, you dream it, and it’s yours.

Pratt Advantages!

Pratt Modular not only has the latest modern innovations; we can also design a home to your specifications. Whether it’s exteriors, accommodating a narrow property, or creating your dream design, we can do it all.

The keyword here is: Customize. One of the major benefits of this type of home is that you can design and customize it to your exact needs. Plan everything from the home type, exterior, flooring, utilities, etc. to fit what you need and want. 

Whether you’re a single person looking for the perfect, easy-to-maintain home, or a growing family looking for practicalities, amenities, and space—it’s all doable.

We have the largest inventory of home options in Texas. Hopefully, you’ve seen the photos on our website, but you can also visit our display property for even more ideas. Sometimes it helps to walk through a home to get a feel for what you want and need.


The outside of a home is the first thing you’ll see every day when you return home. What do you want to see? An extra porch, shutters, brick around the bottom?


Ask about warranty options for both your home AND appliances, structural components, and air conditioning, as well as plumbing, electric, shingles, exterior siding, wood/vinyl flooring, etc.

We’re proud to offer a range of warranties.


Pratt offers custom pricing with unlimited options. Your home will be unique to you, but so will the price.

We’re an all-in-one service: not only can we build and design your home, but we also offer an in-house realty service and licensed finance department. Design your home and learn about modular home financing. 

You can cover all your housing, financing, and realty needs in one place.

Some examples of standard features in our Benchmark Series:

  • 2” x 4” All interior walls
  • Thermal Zone 111 (Maximum Insulation Rating)
  • 9’ Residential flat textured ceiling with overhead air registers
  • 3/4“ Floor tongue and groove decking OSB or Plywood
  • And more!

Modular home, tiny house, manufactured home, or trailer home, the only name you’ll need to know is, HOME. And at Pratt Homes on the Loop in Tyler, we can help make it a reality. 

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