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What Is Modular Construction

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September 30, 2018 General News

Modular home construction often needs some clarification due to previous understandings or biases about mobile or manufactured homes. It can be easy to confuse the two without the proper understanding of how modular construction is different. Both of these home construction methods use factory construction for gaining efficiencies in the building process. That is essentially where the similarity ends. Manufactured homes are built for affordability and to a radically different building code than what modular homes are required to meet.

Modular homes are required to meet the same building codes as a home built from the ground up on your lot.

Modular is more of a construction method than a true type of home. Traditional home builders have been using elements of modular building design for years such as roofing and floor trusses. Modern modular construction just takes the modular aspect of the build to a much larger scale. More complete components are delivered ready to be assembled onsite rather than a smaller selection of traditionally built components.

By concentrating the construction of many homes in a single place, it allows tighter controls and oversight over both the build and the elements an unfinished home are exposed to. Work can be performed day after day without the weather or lack of a crew impacting the house build. Modular construction is already present in many of the products you use every day such as your phone, computer, car, etc. It has only recently started to take a firm hold in the home construction industry.

We encourage you to come to visit our home center to tour our display homes yourself. There is no better way to alleviate any misconceptions you may have about modular construction than to step foot inside of one of our homes for the first time.

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