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What is a Granny Pod?

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October 28, 2018 General News

A granny pod is essentially a tiny house that allows an elderly family member to live on site with any caregiver. Some even call it a modern, cozy nursing home for one. When it comes to finding a place for an aging parent to live during their senior years, nursing homes can be a financial burden in the long run, and letting an aging mom or dad live alone may cause anxiety and guilt for some families. The AARP estimates that about 23 million Americans take care of their elderly parents.

The Granny Pod – A Guest House For Your Loved One

A so-called Granny Pod can be compared to a cozy cottage from the outside, and a nice hotel suite on the inside with room for a bed, living room space, kitchenette, and bathroom. These have all the amenities of a traditional house, but can easily fit within a backyard. While older Americans are building granny pods for themselves, some also see them as a long-term solution for multigenerational living. It answers the age-old question of how to care for aging family members without completely taking away their independence. Having their own living space gives the senior some privacy while the closeness to their primary caregiver makes it easier for them to monitor their loved one’s health and safety.

Take a look at our tiny houses for sale to see which could make the perfect granny pod for your loved one.

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