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Types of Storm Shelters

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November 11, 2018 General News

Due to rocky soils or high water tables, not all homes can have a basement, and often an interior room or closet may not provide enough protection. Some cities are even amending their building codes to have either a reinforced storm shelter or safe room installed in a home. A storm shelter is a structure designed to protect people from tornado-strength winds and flying debris.

Types of Storm Shelters For Homes

Steel Safe Rooms

Steel safe rooms are a type of storm shelters made of tough steel creating a reinforced steel box. Steel safe rooms are simple to install as long as you have enough room. Steel safe rooms are a great option because they’re simple to install and use existing space, steel is a very strong material resistant to penetration, and are easily accessed from inside the home.

Contrecte Storm Shelter

Concrete storm shelters are another type of solid storm shelters. Concrete is a very tough material that does not conduct electricity, unlike steel or other metals. Concrete storm shelters allow you to build an external structure that would be large enough for all your family members. Concrete storm shelters can offer a number of benefits including being a very strong, stable structure and work well for homes without an attached garage with enough yard space for installation.

Underground Garage Shelter

Garage storm shelters have become premium options for many homes in the quest for storm protection. These storm shelters are built under the garage providing the convenience of access from the home with the strength of an exterior concrete storm shelter. You also have easy access to both the house and your vehicle if need be.

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