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Top 10 Signs You Need A New Home

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January 25, 2015 Homes

Do you need a new home? These are the top 10 signs it’s time for you to move!

1. You Got a Raise – If your cash flow has increased since the last time you upgraded, it’s definitely time to splurge on a brand spanking new home.
2. Your Neighbors Have Moved – Once all of your favorite neighbors have moved out of the neighborhood, start looking for a new place to call home close to the people you actually enjoy being around.
3. Expensive Renovations – You’re due for a new home if you’ve had a list of things to do around the house in order to renovate it to your liking but those changes would cost more than moving.
4. Growing Family – One of the biggest reasons why people become new home buyers is because there’s a new addition to the family on the way and they need room to grow.
5. Cheaper Insurance – Your could save a few bucks on your home insurance every year by investing in a newer home.
6. Tax Increase – If property taxes have increased in your area, it might just be time to move in order to keep that extra money in your own pocket.
7. Too Much Maintenance – Families change and grow constantly, so you might be left with a lot of upkeep you’re not able to do yourself which is a perfect reason to sell the old house and look into buyer a new home with less maintenance.
8. Rise in Crime – A rise in crime rates in your area is an obvious reason why it’s time to move.
9. Traffic – Find yourself spending lots of time in traffic on your way to and from work? It can save you time and money to move some place closer to your job.
10. Boredom – If you’re just sick and tired of looking at the same house you’ve lived in for awhile now, get rid of it and find another home more pleasing to the eye.

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