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Tips and Tricks for Maintaining a Tiny Home

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January 4, 2022 Homes

As with most homes, a comfortable, attractive, stylish living place is all about properly utilizing space.

Think about the homes you’ve been in and been the most comfortable.

What makes it feel comfortable? What makes it look good?

Pratt Homes, in Tyler, Texas, understands that many people feel a tiny home isn’t an option for them. Some people feel they won’t have enough living and storage room for their things. Some might feel they won’t have options for craftsman amenities.

However, with the right design and use of space, a tiny home can feel just as roomy, comfortable, and tastefully designed as a traditional home. Even better, you can design and move into your turnkey dream home while also saving money in utilities and other costs.

Once you’ve decided on investing in a tiny home, what’s next?

Contact your local modular home/tiny home builder and start talking design.

Here are a few tips and tricks for designing and maintaining a tiny home:

Consider Your Tiny Home’s Design:

When it comes to design, it’s good to be proactive and think about how you want your space to feel and make it easy to maintain.

When you’re designing your new tiny home, modular home, pre-built home, or pre-fab home, if you want to add the feeling of space and light, incorporate large windows into your design. Windows let in plenty of natural light and can make a small space feel much larger.

Along with including large windows, using light colors for your paint pallet will elevate the feel of a room to make it seem bigger. Dark colors make a room feel smaller and more closed in, while light colors and accents help make a room feel spacious.

Plan Your Tiny Home’s Storage:

Designing your tiny home is all about downsizing your space and adding custom storage options. In a smaller space, proper storage makes all the difference. Don’t underestimate where you could add extra storage: the garage, kitchen cabinets, bed, and even the flooring.

You’ll want to make sure everything has its proper place so there isn’t stuff everywhere. Excess clutter can make a room feel very uncomfortable but incorporating well-planned storage into the design is an easy fix.

Keep a Tidy Tiny Home:

One of the biggest ways you can maintain your tiny home is organization. Design your house with plenty of storage, and plan for how you’ll organize the different rooms.

Part of organizing to live in a tiny home usually means downsizing and getting rid of a lot of stuff.

One of the major advantages of downsizing is that it allows you to focus on what you need for daily living. It’s an opportunity to simplify your life.

Ask yourself, Do I need to store this? Do I need to make space for this? Do I use/wear this item on a regular basis? Getting rid of excess stuff makes room for more living space.

Keep Your Tiny Home’s Air Dry and Clean:

One key to tiny house maintenance is to keep your home tidy—dust and wash dishes daily, as such a small space can quickly accumulate dust, dirt, and clutter.

Tidying and cleaning a small space is much easier than a large one, but it needs to be kept up with more often. Creating a daily house cleaning and maintenance schedule can help make sure your tiny home always feels tidy, clean, and comfortable.

Careful maintenance of humidity levels if you live in a humid place like East Texas is essential for your tiny home. Hot showers, baths, and even using the dishwasher can quickly cause condensation to build up, and too much regular condensation causes mold, mildew, and rot over time. If you notice your home feels humid, and especially during more humid times of the year, it’s a good idea to use a dehumidifier. Make sure you include vent fans in your home’s design—especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Have a professional HVAC technician inspect and service your heating/cooling units bi-annually. Before summer and winter are always good times to have this inspection done.

Invest in an air filter. Especially if you have pets. In a small space, air quality can become compromised if you don’t keep on top of it. A HEPA filtered air purifier is your best option.

A tiny home has many benefits, and one of the biggest is how easy and inexpensive they are to maintain.

If you’re ready to enjoy both your dream home and a house with easier, less expensive maintenance, a tiny home is an excellent option for you.

Call your local tiny house/manufactured home dealer today and start designing!

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