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Tiny Home Design and Expecting A New Baby

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July 23, 2020 General News

A Smart Option That’s Growing in Popularity

After many years of experience in the tiny home and park model business, Pratt Homes, in Tyler, understands how important an affordable home with quality construction, security, and a comfortable design concept is to new parents. More and more new parents are looking at the possibility of homeownership with tiny homes.

Especially these days, we’re spending more time in our homes than ever. Your home design needs to be comfortable, especially if you’re parents with a new baby.  This is where a tiny home can make all the difference in your life, especially for new parents who want a starter home of their own.

We Aren’t Talking About She-Sheds

Park model RVs or Tiny Homes are much more than simply a she-shed on wheels; they’re your chance to design the home of your dreams for you and your family. Before we get into design concept ideas, let’s first give a breakdown of why a tiny home is an excellent option for new parents.

First off, tiny houses are much easier to maintain. When you have a new baby, most of your time and energy for the next several years will be devoted to taking care of them. It’s a lot of time and work that doesn’t leave much space for extras like home maintenance. This is why a tiny house is ideal because they’re designed to be both long-lasting, and low maintenance.

Tiny home designs are adaptable. Unlike traditionally built homes, a park model home or tiny house allows you to fit your home’s concept to where you live. For example, if you live on a narrow lot, your house can be built to fit on the property, without compromising on space, comfort, or aesthetic. Pratt Homes offers a variety of floor plans and exterior design options.

Additionally, the cost-efficient nature of a tiny house design allows you more options for property. It makes it possible for you to take advantage of a beautiful piece of land that might otherwise be out of your price range.

Living in a tiny house significantly cuts down on your utility costs. This is a significant factor, especially for parents facing the added financial weight of a new baby. Because there’s less square footage to heat, keep cool, light up, etc. the cost of electricity will be a lot less than a traditional home.

Saving Money on Home Bills Allows For More Spending Freedom For The New Family

Spending less money on household bills allows you to put it aside for other things. Also, building a tiny house often means you will have a substantially smaller mortgage, or sometimes none at all!

Tiny house living means that you will, out of necessity, have to have less stuff. This means less maintenance, less clutter, and cleaner living. Less stuff means making more room and time for you and your family. It changes the focus and dynamic of your home in a positive way.

New parents especially are interested in sustainability—for their home and family. Building and designing a tiny home gives you the opportunity to create an energy-saving, sustainable home space.

Now that you’re convinced, here are some Tiny Home Design Ideas!

  • Because of their size, it’s too easy for a tiny home to feel tiny if it’s not designed correctly. To keep this from happening, add windows/natural light wherever possible to make rooms feel larger and more airy. Stay away from heavy curtains that will block the light. Natural light is good for momma and new baby too!
  •  In addition to more or bigger windows, use light paint colors.
  • Storage is one of the main things to focus on when it comes to designing your tiny home. Get creative with your storage. Shelves make a room smaller because of the space they take up. Utilize storage space under the floorboards and in the ceiling. You can even use the walls themselves, by adding a pull-down desk, tables, bar, benches, and even beds. Put storage drawers beneath the bed, or even in the closet.
  • Use barn-style “pocket” sliding doors to add more space to any room. Traditional doors take up a lot of space. Sliding pocket doors don’t take up space on the floor and make a room look larger and tidier.
  • When it comes to sleep, there are many options, including sleeping lofts (which are always fun for kids) full bedrooms, even built in bunk beds for additional sleeping space.  Don’t forget you can also add a fold-out couch in the living area.  At Pratt Homes, we have tiny homes that sleep up to 6!
  • One additional feature to check for is to make sure your tiny house is an RVIA certified tiny home. This certification ensures that your tiny home or park model RV has met the strenuous requirements for quality construction.  It will also make obtaining the required permits much easier.  

When it comes to starting a family, your home space is one of the most important things to consider. Pratt Homes in Tyler gives you the chance to design the perfect house for all the needs of your growing family.

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