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The Evolving Style of Tiny Homes

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November 26, 2017 Tiny Homes

These days tiny is totally in. And because modern minimalists are always looking for new ways
to minimize their ecological footprint or size down to just the basics, the popularity of tiny homes has
been on the rise. But tiny homes are nothing new, though they sure have evolved over the years. The
tiny homes of today are more mobile-friendly, more functional and designed to offer luxuries you
would never think possible.


Most traditional tiny homes were permanent, scaled-down structures, but an updated tiny home
can be designed to offer the owners easy ways to move it if desired or necessary. You no longer
have to live in one place, allowing you to move around seasonally or when wanting a change of
scenery. All you have to do is hitch your tiny home up and hit the road.


Another way today’s tiny homes differ from ones built years ago is that they come with all of
the bells and whistles. Since tiny home dwellers have had a few years to figure out what works,
what doesn’t and what could improve the functionality of their small homes, they’ve been able
to provide builders with plenty of valuable feedback.


You’d be surprised just how comfortable living in a tiny home can be. This is because tiny home
designers have found ways to incorporate most (if not all) of the modern luxuries desired by an
individual, a couple or even a small family. These include luxuries such as jacuzzi hot tubs,
laundry stations, home offices, mudrooms, fireplaces, sky windows and so much more.

As you can very well see, the style of tiny homes has evolved in quite a few ways over the
years. This of course means there’s no better time to invest in a tiny home than now. Ready to go tiny?
The limitations are almost limitless when it comes to designing a tiny home of today.

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