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Tiny Home Movement Pratt Homes, Tyler, Texas
March 10, 2020 General News

Choosing to live in a tiny house has become a “movement” because there are so many benefits: money savings, green living, simplifying your life, and so many more.  

“Buying my RVIA Certified Tiny Home was one of the best decisions I have made. I love the simplistic lifestyle now that I am older and the amenities in my new tiny home are everything I could ever need.  Saving money has become easier than I could have imagined.” – Melissa W. Pratt Homes Tiny Home Owner

Today’s world can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s possible and affordable to change how you live, by opting to live in a tiny home.  While the decision to “go tiny” can mean a big lifestyle change, there are many reasons to downsize and choose a tiny home over a traditional house.

Save Money

Moving into a tiny home, or deciding to build and design one yourself with Pratt Modular Homes, can mean big financial savings in both the long and short term. This can be especially important for people interested in a non-traditional retirement living situation.

Home maintenance, upkeep, and mortgages can be incredibly expensive. One obvious factor when you decide to build a tiny home over a traditional model is that you’re saving a bundle in building and construction costs. The amount of materials alone is substantially less, leaving more money left over for personalized design details. Too often, people are forced to compromise on design, because they’re focused on a large space. Large spaces are simply more expensive.

Additionally, while most construction projects take up a lot of time ( and therefore money) a simplified design and less building materials both speeds up the process and cuts cost. An added benefit is that a tiny house requires significantly less maintenance than other home designs. Their specific and unique craftsmanship allows you to relax in a home that needs less upkeep.

If you want to save money and live in a beautiful custom-designed space, a tiny home just may be the answer. 

Have you been wanting to live a greener lifestyle, but aren’t sure how? Are you interested in reducing your environmental footprint?

One of the wonderful things about tiny homes is that they have the dual benefits of saving money and being significantly more energy-efficient than traditional homes.

At Pratt Modular Homes, we understand that, especially in warm climates, an energy-efficient home has many benefits. Air conditioning and heating bills can be through the roof for a large house. It takes a lot of energy to keep a big, multi-story home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

A tiny home is easy to heat and cool saving the homeowner hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling bills!

Tiny homes are naturally more energy-efficient because smaller spaces typically use less power. You will see significant savings in your electric bill and will have a substantially reduced carbon footprint.

Time Saver

Time is a commodity. Think about how much time you spend cleaning your home. The daily chores of keeping a house tidy can take up hours of your week.

With a tiny house, you will spend significantly less time cleaning and have more time to relax. The combination of downsizing your clutter, and your space makes it possible for you to relax a bit more, and mop, dust, and sweep less.

Your individually designed tiny house can be crafted with simple, fast cleanup in mind. Going tiny makes it possible for you to live a tidier, more efficient life with less maintenance and cleanup.

Simplify and Declutter Your Space

Do you feel bogged down and overwhelmed by lots of stuff? It’s easy for daily life to become stressful and overtaken by things. Clothes you meant to get rid of, dusty knickknacks on the backs of shelves, the items in boxes you haven’t seen for years…

This is the stuff that collects in your life and home- things you don’t need, but hold onto nonetheless.

Tiny house living makes decluttering your life a necessity because there simply isn’t room for all that stuff.  Free yourself from all that material baggage by living in a tiny house. Like tiny home owner, Melissa, revealed, “It’s quite liberating to get rid of all the stuff we hoard, but don’t need or use.  It was a great way for me to declutter, and also donate items that others could use.”

There will be more room for the really important items in your life, with less clutter.

Custom Design

Pratt Family Homes prides itself on helping customers create their ideal home. Tiny homes are no different.  Designing your own tiny home allows you room for creativity and freedom of expression.

Windows, door styles, porches, and roofs, as well as siding and floor plans, can be tailored to meet your tiny dream home concept.

An additional benefit is that a custom-designed home comes with custom pricing. This allows you to design a home within your individual budget.

Whether you’re looking for a more modern design, something traditional, or cozy comfort, a tiny home design makes that possible.

With so many options available for floorplans and amenities in tiny homes, it is no wonder so many are joining the movement.  Interested in learning more about Tiny Home living and if it might be a great option for you? Give the Tiny Home experts at Pratt Homes in Tyler a call.  

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