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Planning A Kid’s Bedroom

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August 15, 2015 Bedroom

The key to designing a kid’s room that is both fun and functional is to plan ahead. After all, a kid’s bedroom is the one spot in the house they’ll be spending most of their time in not only sleeping, but also playing, learning, creating and hanging out with their friends. If your child’s room happens to be in desperate need of a makeover, look over these helpful tips and fabulous ideas before you finalize any of your design plans.


One common problem in family households throughout the country is that the kid’s rooms are always a mess and full of clutter because the last thing on a child’s mind while they’re playing and having fun is keeping organized. To solve this frustrating problem, look for pieces that make staying organized a breeze for your kids. When designing the room, be sure you include storage pieces such as a desk with drawers, bookshelves, cubbies, toy chests and baskets to encourage him or her to use them to stay organized.

Multi-functional Furniture

To save space in the kid’s room, you should also invest in a few multi-functional furniture pieces. For example, instead of traditional twin beds, get your little one some cool bunk beds. Bunk beds are perfect for kids because they don’t take up as much room and there’s always a place for their friends to sleep when they stay over. Not to mention, bunk beds are way more fun than regular beds as the kids will have a blast climbing up and down the ladder.


It’s important to make your child’s bedroom a place where he or she is going to feel comfortable. One terrific way to do this is by painting the room in their favorite colors such as hot pink, fiery orange or royal blue. You can add even more flair to your kid’s room with a neat pattern or design painted on the wall. There are all kinds of stencils and wall applique graphics available online or at crafts stores that can help you create wonderful paintings and murals to represent your child’s personality.

Play Area

No kid’s room is complete without an open space where they can play with their favorite toys. This is why you should make it a point to designate a specific area big enough for them to play and learn. It’s usually a good idea to lay out some type of interactive or brightly colored rug in order to make the area comfortable enough for floor play.


To add a little more fun style to your child’s room, try to incorporate various textures. A few suggestions include adding texture to the paint on the walls with a sponge, applying a textured wall paper or tossing a couple of fluffy pillows on the bed.

Keep in mind that planning the design for your kid’s room can be a great way to bond with your child! When designing the room, don’t forget to get your kiddos’s opinion regarding what he or she wants. If their requests are reasonable and practical, why not make their room a place they’ll be excited to show off.

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