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New Favorites – Kitchen Counters and Flooring

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August 4, 2017 Kitchen

Remodeling or building a kitchen? Need some inspiration when it comes to modernizing your
counter tops and floors? Have a look at these counter top and flooring material trends of 2017.


  • Wooden/Butcher Block Tops: One of the hottest kitchen counter top trends of 2017 is
    the butcher block top. Made out of food-safe wood (just like your chopping bock), these
    type of kitchen counter tops are perfectly practical and a great choice for home chefs or
    cooking families. They literally turn your top in to a chopping block!
  • Natural Stone Counter Tops: Stone counter tops are still a favorite because they bring
    a rustically luxurious appeal to the kitchen. However, polished stone is so last decade.
    Rough stone with a natural finish is high of the trend list this year.
  • Ceramic Tile Counter Tops: Changing up the color of your counter tops is easy when
    you go with a versatile material like ceramic tile. You can choose from all sorts of
    shades, shapes, sizes and designs. Not to mention, tile counter tops are still some of the
    easiest to clean.


  • Cork Floors: The most popular flooring trend of 2017 definitely has to be cork floors.
    Cork is becoming more popular among those building newer homes because it’s
    affordable, extremely durable and eco-friendly.
  • Bamboo Wood: Take a step back oak and maple. There’s a new flooring wood in town!
    Given its sustainability, its durability and its eco-friendly properties, bamboo has quickly
    become a go-to flooring material among modern home builders and designers.
  • Engineered Wood: Designed to provide the same look of wooden floors without the
    upkeep or the expense, engineered wood is a favorite among those building homes for
    families. Strong, durable and “engineered” not to absorb or warp like real wood,
    engineered wood floors are a top choice among those living with kids and/or pets.

Building or remodeling a kitchen that works for your needs has never been easier. Use the
above trends to find the inspiration you need to bring your kitchen into the modern era!

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