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Modular Homes – A Smart Way To Upsize

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March 19, 2021 Uncategorized

Home is Where You Hang Your Hat.  Home is Where The Heart Is.  There are dozens of sayings about the importance of home, and they’re more true today than ever before.

As the best local, modular home builder, Pratt Homes understands that our homes are our security in an often uncertain world.  Our homes have also become spaces that we probably didn’t originally plan for or anticipate a need for.  However, here we are and our homes now have many roles. 

  • Our school.
  • Our office.
  • Daycare.
  • Nursing home.
  • And more.

Pratt Homes, located in Tyler, Texas, has seen a growing need and trend in families upsizing to larger homes to meet their growing needs.

Unfortunately, the cost of a larger home can be a problem when it comes to such an upgrade. Traditional homes, especially large ones with spacious yards, can be costly.  A competitive market makes them even more pricey.

Cost can be a big hurdle when it comes to upsizing your home. However, a modular home just might be the perfect solution.

You can quickly get pre-qualified for a manufactured home or modular home and be ready to move in before you know it.

The fact that you can pre-qualify now means you can begin your custom home design and start building your modular home in no time.

Here are some more reasons families upsize to a larger home and why a prefab home is a perfect solution:

More “At Home-Time”

Recent global events have caused a continuing trend of people spending more time at home with their families. And in some cases, extended families.

Rather than participating in the usual social activities of going to the park/beach, going to a movie or the mall, socializing at parties and get-togethers, many families are instead choosing to remain home and entertain themselves in the safety of their own space.

For larger families, that doesn’t always make things easy, especially if you’re living in a small home.

Upgrading to a larger home and/or a home with a backyard has been a growing trend, making the competition fierce.

Designing and building your own large mobile home is more economical, fast, and gives more location options.

Rather than spending all your funds on a traditional home and property, you can put that money toward a larger yard space. It’s a win for the whole family!

The Home Office

In today’s world, more people are working from home than ever before.

Our homes have to function as not just a home-space but also an office/work environment. It can be a serious challenge to work from home when your house is small especially if you have children.

Upsizing to a large manufactured home makes space for a home office where you can work in peace.

Choosing a prefab allows you more freedom to customize your house’s design. This means you have the chance to add and design an office/work-from-home space to your unique needs.

Home Schooling

While schools are slowly opening around the country, the home space has also become the classroom space for many families.

This can be a challenge for creating a classroom your child can work comfortably and productively in.

For many parents, homeschooling has made it necessary to upsize their home.

Choosing to design your own manufactured home makes it possible to create the classroom spaces you need to help your children succeed in school.

When it comes to schooling, the environment can make a big difference. Planning for your own modular can make this necessary and essential space possible for your children.

Caring for an Elderly Family Member

For many reasons, more people are taking on the responsibility of caring for an elderly family member. Whether it’s financial reasons or otherwise, it’s a significant undertaking.

These instances often happen quickly, making it a necessity to find a large enough home space in a short amount of time.

Buying a prefab home is the perfect option because it won’t break the bank, it’s quick, and it allows you the chance to design a home to your family’s specific needs.

Whether it’s an extra bedroom or even an entire wing of the house, Pratt Homes can take your design concept and make it a reality for your family.

New Baby on the Way

There’s nothing like looking around your home with a new baby on the way and realizing: this is not enough space!

With market competition so fierce for larger homes, it can be a difficult time to attempt buying a larger traditional home suitable to fit your growing family.

Buying a spacious modular home may be the perfect answer.

You could be stuck on waiting lists for months and months if you’re hoping to buy a traditional home, but with a prefab, you can choose your perfect location and move in much sooner. Before you know it, your home will be ready to receive your new family member.

Whatever the reason, upsizing to a larger home to fit your family’s needs doesn’t have to be stressful. Call your local modular home builder today, and start designing.  At Pratt Homes, we deliver throughout the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma.  Let us show you your next new home when you are ready to upsize your home space. 

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