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Modular Homes and Home Security – Planning Is Key!

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September 28, 2020 General News

Pratt Homes, in Tyler, Texas, knows that part of designing and owning a modular home is home security.

Feeling secure in your home is one of the most important details to plan for.   Whether you’re asleep, awake, or out of town, you need to know that you, your family, and your property are safe.

Modular homes are no different than stick-built constructions when it comes to security. In fact, because you’re able to custom design and build your modular home, you can build home security right into the design.

Modular construction is not only cost-efficient, but your modular home can be designed with security in mind. Modern modular homes are built with quality construction. This detail alone helps make your house more secure.

Here are some other ideas you can utilize in your custom home to help keep it secure:

Secure Doors

Doors are the primary entry point for anyone trying to enter your home and cause harm. Install solid doors—wood or metal—rather than a hollow door, which is easy to break or kick in.

Installing a peephole for your door will also add security, as you’ll be able to see who’s outside. These are safer than windows, as the window also allows for whoever is outside to see you too.

For sliding glass doors, place a bar or piece of wood in the bottom slider to keep would-be-intruders from forcing the sliding door open.

All of these details can be added during the early design process for your modular home. Secure doors and windows will make your home much more secure.

Secure Windows

Windows are also an easy entry point for people breaking in. Always make a habit of locking windows when you’re not home and at night. Also, you can have alarms or sensors installed to warn you and stop intruders.

You can have locking pegs installed with the locks so that the windows only open a certain amount. This allows you a measure of security while also being able to leave the windows open.

Curtains are for more than just privacy. They can also ensure your valuable property isn’t on display for would-be thieves. Especially when you’re not home, keep your curtains closed.

Protective Shrubs

You wouldn’t usually think of landscaping as a security measure, but a well-placed shrub or tree—especially a thorny one—is a good deterrent. Someone looking to break into your home and get in through the window might think twice if there’s a sizeable prickly shrub they have to get through first.

Plant trees or bushes that are thick or that have thorns beneath your windows.

Landscaping is another custom detail of your modern modular home.

Garage Security

Ensure the garage for your custom modular home is secure—windows, doors, and garage door. A lot of valuables can be found in the garage, and thieves know this. Install a coded door entry as an additional security measure.

Install a Security System

Research shows that security systems do a lot in preventing and stopping break-ins and burglaries. Your modern modular home can be designed and outfitted with the latest in home security systems.

With today’s technology, you can control most security systems from your smartphone. Whether you want to keep it simple with just security cameras or install a full security system, you can easily manage your home’s security from your phone.  This is especially reassuring if you’re out of town.

A few other helpful modular home security tips:

· Ask your local police department if they will provide a security audit. After you design your custom modular home, this is a great step in putting additional security in place.

· Install motion detector lights. This simple, but useful step will help ensure your modular home and valuables are protected.

· Leave on certain lights in the house and add other details to make sure your home always looks kept-up and occupied. An empty house can be an easy target for would-be-burglars. If you leave town, arrange to have someone check on your home regularly.

· When you design your home, have a safe installed. If you have any items of particular value, this is an added security measure to help keep them safe.

· Security fences can offer a lot of protection for your custom modular home. They also offer privacy, and you can design it to fit your landscaping design.

· Make sure your car is secure. Keep the doors and windows locked, and if you’re able, put it in a locked garage at night and when you’re not home.

Modular home security is easier than you think. It can be built right into your home’s design. Protection for your family and your property is as simple as talking to your modular home builder.

Let the in-house designers at Pratt Homes help you create a security plan for your new modular or manufactured home.  Not only do we want you to love your new home, but we also want you and your family to have the safety and peace of mind knowing you are protected. 

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