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August 1, 2015 Bathroom, Kitchen

Besides the bedroom or living area, there are two other rooms in a home which people tend to spend their most time in. These two rooms are the kitchen and the bathroom and they’re both rather important to the functionality of a home. Take a look at some of the virtues of each room and why they’re important to the overall design of one’s house.


Some call the kitchen the heart of the home because it’s a great place for families to gather and create tasty dishes together. As a matter of fact, most family members get in their quality time with one another while hanging out in the kitchen. Couples can catch up with each other or parents can talk to their kids about how their day went while whipping up a meal. Generally, kitchens that are open and spacious are perfect for large families, while a quaint kitchen is ideal for individuals, a couple or a smaller family.


The bathroom is another necessary room in a home because it’s not only a place to relieve oneself, it’s also an excellent spot to unwind and relax. Many modern master bathrooms feature a large soaking or whirlpool tub as a place for people to de-stress and recuperate from a long grueling day. Fragrant candles can also be lit during a soak in the bath to create a little aromatherapy for an at-home spa-like experience.

As you can see, both of these rooms are essential to the operation of a home. Some people believe the kitchen is the most important room in a home, especially if they’re fans of the culinary arts. On the other hand, some people believe that the bathroom is the most important room in a home because it’s a place to take a little time out from a hectic day.

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