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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Modular Home Builder

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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Modular Home Builder Pratt Homes, Tyler, Texas
February 8, 2022 General News

When building your dream modular home, hiring an experienced and trusted modular home builder is your first step.

But wait!

Before even speaking with your modular home builder, do a bit of research on your own. Make yourself familiar with aspects of the construction process so that when you do sit down and ask questions of your modular home builder, you’re confident in your background knowledge.

Ask yourself, how would your ideal building process go?

Having the process outlined in a simple, understandable format can make all the difference with keeping up with your own project and understanding each phase of the process of building your new home. This understanding can help everything go smoother for both you and the builder.

With over 25 years of experience as a trusted modular home builder in Tyler, Texas, Pratt Homes understands the importance of being sure of your choice in a builder.

The builder and their team are your partners in creating your dream home. It’s an important relationship. You should feel fully confident in your trust in them, as you’re investing a good deal of time and money into a project they’re in charge of.

What is their past experience? Examples? A portfolio?

How many modular homes do they build a year?

Experience is crucial for most aspects of home building of all types.

In addition to asking questions about their experience, ask to see examples – in-person if that’s a possibility. A lot of companies tell customers they sell modular homes but when the customer shows up on site, they do everything to try and sell them a manufactured home instead. Also, touring a finished, turnkey modular home can help give you an idea of what your own house might look like. It’s good to get a feel for what you want as your design.

Do some of your own research. Look up online reviews of the builders you’re thinking about choosing. Reviews can help hold businesses accountable and ensure the best practices are being used.

Word-of-mouth reviews, especially within a local community, can also be very helpful in providing important background information.

References are also a good way of making sure you’re hiring someone experienced and trustworthy.

Insurance and Licensing

Make sure you ask questions about your home builder’s insurance and licensing. Both are important for many reasons, and a reputable modular home builder will provide both immediately upon request.

Energy savings and Sustainability Options

More and more people want to build homes that are more energy-efficient and sustainable for numerous reasons. Ask your modular home builder what sustainable building materials and energy-saving choices they offer. This is also an option that can help save you costly utility bills down the line.

Upgrades and Amenities

Because of the versatile nature of modular and prefab homes, you have countless options for design plans and upgrades. When designing your dream home, what amenities do you envision? What craftsman details? What does your ideal kitchen look like? Can you add a porch and/or garage? Are there custom flooring and/or cabinet options?

Make sure you communicate these ideas to your modular home builder. Along with this, ask what options they might have for upgrades and what standard features are included.

Problem Solving

An important question that often gets overlooked is asking how the builder would deal with any issues that might come up during construction. What will they do if there’s a problem during construction? What potential issues might they foresee?

Do they perform inspections? How often?

This kind of transparency can be incredibly helpful when it comes to helping the construction process run smoothly.

Homesite Choices

If you don’t already have a homesite in mind, it could be helpful to have your builder assist in choosing the area with you. That way, any issues with the potential site will be addressed right away and not down the road. Or worse, you discover you’ve purchased a homesite that isn’t ideal for the construction of a pre-built home.

Methods of Communication!

Good communication can mean all the difference in a building project being a positive, smooth experience for everyone involved.

Talk to your builder ahead of time about how you will keep in touch during the building process. In-person? Over the phone? Email?

Laying out the terms of your communication at the beginning can help everything goes smoothly.


A few other questions to ask:

Ask about timing for the building project. Have a tentative timeline in place to keep everything running smoothly.

Does the modular home builder offer a warranty?

What will the final price be?

Building processes are notoriously stressful. But they don’t have to be. Asking the right questions ahead of time can make all the difference.

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