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August 27, 2015 Outdoor

Moving into your newly purchased home is always exciting because you finally get to personalize a house to fit your own style and preferences. Besides decorating the interior with personal items, you should also make it a point to increase your new home’s curb appeal by doing a little landscaping. To give you a little inspiration for your home’s landscaping, check out these fabulous home landscaping ideas that won’t require a major investment.

Flower Beds

Many sellers and developers simplify the landscaping of homes for sale by leaving the selection and planting of flowers to the buyer. To make your new home a little more inviting, you should look at filling up those flower beds with your favorite blooms. Perennials such as lilies, daisies, lavender and irises are always popular choices for home gardens. Just don’t forget to choose flowers in shades that compliment the colors and style of your home. Also, keep in mind that you’ll want to lay down some newspapers or plastic garden sheets under your flowers and plants before covering their roots with mulch, soil or any other type of filler. This is simply to prevent weeds from growing up through the soil surrounding your grow.


You can also clean up your new home’s landscaping by installing an edging material which fits the style the house. If the home features a great deal of stonework, it might be a good idea to install a stone edge along your flower beds and around the base of your trees. There are also other edging materials which may be a little more budget-friendly compared to stone including ones made out of wood, stainless steel, rubber, plastic or concrete.


Not only do trees provide shade, they also give your new home more of a cozy lived-in presence. If your home landscaping is lacking a tree or two, you can buy them at most large home improvement stores or nurseries and then plant them yourself. Traditional trees such as maples, oaks and pines are common choices for homes here in the U.S. If you happen to live in a location with mild winters, you could even look at planting a few palm trees around your home for a more casual, yet refined curb appeal.


Another terrific landscaping idea for new homeowners is to define pathways and walkways in order to give the home a clean cut and inviting appearance. If there is a particular path which you and your guests frequently use that has yet to be paved, you may want to consider getting some pavers or step stones. You can usually find these type of paving materials at home improvement stores and easily install them yourself without having to hire a landscaper or contractor.

If you recently purchased a new home, it’s time to add your own personal touches to it by revamping the landscaping. Use these easy landscaping ideas to help you begin creating the yard of your dreams so you can impress your friends, family and neighbors the next time they visit!

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