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Design & Decorating Trends for Modular, Manufactured, and Tiny Homes to Watch for in 2021

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January 19, 2021 Homes, Tiny Homes

Pratt Homes of Tyler, Texas, understands that it’s been a challenging year for most. For many, it’s been a downright difficult year. 

Life has changed, and for many of us, daily life looks a lot different than it did a year ago. We’re spending more time at home. Many of us are working from home. Many of our children are going to school from home.

More than ever, your home is where you’re spending the most time. As such, it needs to be a place you can relax and find comfort.

The interior design trends looking ahead to 2021 reflect just that.

Before getting into the design trends, here’s something to consider: if you don’t own your own home, or are looking to change homes to meet your needs better, look no further than a custom modular. Not only are they cost-efficient and affordable, but they also allow you the chance to design your dream home. Whether it’s a new manufactured home, tiny home, or custom modular, you can design it to fit your lifestyle.

Whether it’s a simple cabin-in-the-woods, comfortable style you’re looking for, or a luxury home-feel, a custom modular has all you need.

Now might be the perfect time to make the change and buy/build/design your own custom modular home.

When it comes to designing your dream home, here are some interior design trends for 2021:

In this continually changing new world, we find ourselves living in, this year’s style trends are all about comfort and nostalgia.

Styles that revolve around and reflect the comfort of family traditions and the emotions they evoke. The nostalgia brought on by memories of your grandparent’s home: crocheted table pieces and blankets; floral wallprints; beautiful, delicate china all lend to the warmth of today’s new trends in design and layout.

Find signature design pieces that evoke happy memories for you, and see how they fit into your house’s unique style.


Make your home a place your whole family feels good in and wants to be by focusing on the designs and styles from your own past.

We’re spending so much time in our homes these days; it’s good to have changeable design options. This way, if you get tired of your current look, you can refresh it quickly and cost-efficiently with something new. Invest in low-cost accent pieces that provide cost-efficient, temporary style. 

A perfect example is removable wallpaper, which adds style to your home, and options to your rental space. If you’re tired of the design you chose, simply peel and replace—an easy design change alternative.  This will help your home-office of today become a guest bedroom down the road. 

Simple white rooms and smooth porcelain and plain glass accents are being replaced. In their space are bright, colorful tile designs that highlight anything from a sink backsplash to floors or even walls and ceilings. It’s about color—bright accents that catch the eye and make you smile.

There’s an ever-growing push for more sustainable materials, whether it’s when you’re building your home or in its design. When you’re choosing your design style, investigate ecological and sustainable options.

“Cottagecore” is becoming a growing trend in 2021. It’s all about comfort and the “cabin-feel.” Using and highlighting original home accents such as original hardwood flooring, exposed ceiling beams, and walls. Instead of covering over your home’s original wood, find ways to bring it to life again.

It’s all about reconnecting with nature—a focus on finding comfort in your home space.

Because it’s hard to travel these days, there’s a growing trend for making your interior space feel like a getaway—especially a tropical escape. Floral prints, tropical leaves/flowers/prints, and green/blue hues that evoke care-free shores. Give your home that “vacation feel” so that your time there stays fresh and upbeat.

Focus on what’s hand-made vs. commercial. In a global world, people are understanding more and more how and why artisan pieces are valuable. An appreciation for craft, culture, and a unique time, space, and individual.

Skylights are making a return, bringing more natural light and making a home feel bigger, more airy, and spacious—a way to bring the outdoors inside, and open up smaller, enclosed rooms.

Antique mirrors bring light and style into your interior space. It’s a great way to make a room feel less enclosed, and when placed correctly, almost feel like another window. They’re also beautiful accent pieces that add style and class to a space.

Continuing with the same theme, the leading interior design color styles trending in 2021 are greens and blues. Colors that bring to mind tranquil moments in nature. Colors loved for their soothing and comforting effects.

Especially during difficult times, your home should be an oasis.  A place that’s both stylish and brings you comfort. Whether it’s a brand-new tiny home or custom modular home, a rental, or a remodel of your childhood family home, 2021 design trends focus on making your home feel roomy, yet cozy, and a place you want to be.

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