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Buying A New Home – Without The Wait

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December 28, 2020 Homes, Tiny Homes

Yes, you CAN buy a new modular or manufactured home without the wait or increased cost caused by the pandemic. IF YOU KNOW WHERE TO BUY!    

Read more to see for yourself how Pratt Homes’ quick actions early in 2020 has contributed to:

  • Saving our new homebuyers thousands of dollars over competitors’ pricing
  • Providing homebuyers one of the largest inventories of new modular and manufactured homes  
  • Reducing or eliminating wait time as being seen across the country with home builders.


So, you decided to buy a home during a pandemic.

You weren’t the only one.

The year 2020 included one of the hottest real estate markets in 14 years, according to a December 15, 2020, article at Home sales for the year were the best since 2006, and projections for 2021 show no sign of home sales slowing.

The effects of covid on manufacturing, and the resulting cost increases, have made buying a home more difficult; and in some cases, significantly more expensive. Not to mention the extended wait time.

All are frustrations you’ll face — unless you know where to buy.

A home purchase is typically the largest investment a person makes during their lifetime. But, the combination of an up real estate market and a pandemic have made finding the perfect home in which to invest problematic for a number of buyers.

Many of the difficulties can be avoided by working with a company who has weathered these types of economic storms before. Home dealers who have been in business for many years learned from previous experience and know how to keep their customers happy by planning ahead — way ahead.

For example, Pratt Homes, based in Tyler, Texas, ordered $4 million in home inventory beginning in June 2020. This was a large investment, which not only provided more selection for their clients, it also helped ensure prices were locked in before cost increases became a significant issue.

Pratt also diversifies their inventory sources. Their homes are constructed at 11 different building centers, which gives Pratt access to more readily available inventory, which, in turn, meets the increased demand of their customers.

At five of the 11 construction facilities, Pratt Homes is the largest volume customer, which provides an expeditious avenue for customers who require shorter construction times.

If you’re ready to purchase a new home, don’t let the pandemic dissuade you. It is possible to avoid the availability issues, cost increases, and delays others are experiencing. Doing business with an experienced home dealer who possesses the foresight to plan ahead will save you money, time, and have you in your new abode sooner than you thought possible.

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