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Are Modular Homes Delivered “Turn-Key”? You’ll Have Options Galore!

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Options Galore Pratt Homes, Tyler, Texas
September 11, 2019 General News

There is a good deal of confusion surrounding the terms’ modular home’, ‘pre-built home’, ‘pre-fab home’, ‘manufactured home’, and ‘mobile home’. While all have a few similar characteristics, not only with each other, but also with the traditional ‘stick-built home’, a modular home is quite different from the rest in some very significant ways. When it’s time to shop for a new home, understanding the main advantages of modular home construction should play a big role in your final decision.

What is a Modular Home?

A ‘modular home’ can be defined as a home that is partially built in a climate-controlled factory environment. It is then delivered in sections to the building site. Installers prepare the land and assemble the home’s various sections on a prepared, permanent foundation. Most modern modular homes are built to equal or even higher building standards than most stick-built homes. Also, the materials used for constructing both stick-built and modular homes are basically the same. Modular homes are also built to conform to or exceed all applicable local building codes.

Benefits of Choosing a Modular Home

There are many benefits to choosing a modular home. It is a smart decision for many. In most respects, modular homes can be of a higher quality than other home options while still being more affordable for a variety of reasons.

A shorter build time, lower cost of materials, a higher level of energy efficiency which means saving money on utility bills, and their lower maintenance and repair costs can save you money up front and even more money on down the road. The purchaser may also find that they have a wider variety of financing options to choose from since many manufacturers will offer better financing terms than other lenders.

Another modular home advantage is that they almost all come with a warranty of some sort on the home itself and often on various home components. While nearly all modular home companies offer a standard one-year warranty, some mobile home sellers offer warranties far above that. Extended warranties on appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, and on the home’s plumbing, electrical, structural components, siding, and roofing might be available or included when you buy.

Two of the primary benefits of a modular home are the ability to purchase the home as a complete move-in ready turnkey installation, and the ease of complete and extensive customization when desired.

Are Modular Homes “Turn-Key”?

“Turnkey” concerning a modular home generally means that everything is handled for the purchaser from start to finish and that once it is complete, the home is ready for move-in. A modular home can be as turnkey as the purchaser desires. Most modular home sellers can arrange for all of the extras like foundation construction, septic system installation, and electrical and plumbing hookups. This leaves the purchaser only responsible for the purchase of the homesite or land.

Some modular home sellers even have an in-house real estate broker who can help you find the perfect place for your new modular home. The entire transaction is truly a turnkey project when done. On the other hand, many purchasers already have a homesite available for the construction process, and you can usually choose to handle or arrange as many of the pre-construction requirements for yourself as you like.

Can You Customize a Modular Home?

Can you customize a modular home? Not only is customization an option, but having the ability to fully design and customize a modular home to suit your needs and to fit your budget is one of the main selling points of modular home construction. When you start shopping for a modular home, you’ll quickly find that you have options galore!

Options Galore!

You can choose from a nearly endless variety of options reflecting varying levels of craftsmanship. But for those who enjoy tackling DIY projects, you’ll have the additional option of doing as much or as little of the installation of the selected accessories as you choose. When planning, designing, and choosing options for your new modular home, keep in mind that a custom design, especially one that includes a few luxury amenities, and any optional custom upgrades, can have an impact on your final cost.

Many modular home companies have locations that feature a wide assortment of display homes to showcase most of their available options for customization. Some modular home companies also offer in-house interior designers to assist potential homebuyers in choosing options that best suit their individual wants, needs, and budget. Many of these options can also be found on-line for your leisurely review, comparison, and consideration.

The most popular custom options are those for the modular home’s kitchen and cabinets, and for the home’s flooring, but there are almost no parts of a modular home that cannot be customized or upgraded as the purchaser desires.

Customize Your Exterior!

Available customized options are not confined to the modular home’s interior. A wide variety of choices also exist to enhance the home’s exterior and outward appearance. Purchasers can choose from stucco, brick, fiber cement siding, and vinyl siding to create an architectural exterior that will differentiate your home from others. This can make the outside appearance of a modular home nearly indistinguishable from a site-built home. A custom design of the modular home’s porch can also help to make your house uniquely your own and truly a one of a kind.

Adding a garage is another popular exterior option selected by many. You can choose a one-car, two-car, even three-car or larger design or even just add something simple like a carport. And like the home itself, whichever garage you select can be totally customized inside and out.

As with building any new home, regardless of its construction type, when considering a modular home, it is crucial to research all of the various aspects thoroughly since all modular home companies are not alike. A reputable company like Pratt Modular Homes, in Tyler, Texas, has many years of experience in modular home design, construction, and customization. Mr. Pratt and the experienced modular home team can help guide you through the entire process from in-house financing programs and building site acquisition, through the design and customization process. At Pratt Homes, we are with you all the way to a completed project that will ensure you end up with the affordable home of your dreams.

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