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6 Tips to Create a Beautiful Modular Home Exterior

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December 12, 2023 Homes, Lifestyle, Tiny Homes

When you close your eyes and imagine your dream home, what does the exterior look like?

Pratt Homes in Tyler, Texas, has helped many people plan and build their new turnkey homes.

As an East Texas modular home building company for over two decades, our experienced housing consultants will help you design a custom pre-built home with an exterior that’s beautiful, personalized, and functional.

East Texas weather can be tough on a home’s exterior. Working with builders who have both knowledge and experience working in this region means your modular home looks amazing and can hold up against the climate.

A home’s outside is a balance between looking good and functioning the way it should.

Here are six tips for creating a beautiful modular home exterior:

1. Planning the Color Scheme of Your Home

A beautiful coat of paint and architecturally interesting siding can go a long way in making your modular home more attractive and reflect your personal design aesthetic.

When choosing the design options for your exterior colors, remember the trim can be a complimentary color. Do some research on what color designs are in style now, while keeping in mind finding something that won’t go out of style in one season. When choosing the color scheme for the exterior of your pre-built home, you want to make it unique to you and your home and find a balance with what blends into the neighborhood.

Maybe you want something more than color for your exterior. One of the benefits of designing a prefab home is that the exterior can come in different styles. Everything from brick to wood to stone to Hardie Board—the same options as for a traditional, site-built home, but more cost-effective and with other customizable options.

If you’re planning a new home, talk to your design specialists about what exterior color and siding options might be right for your concept.


2. Designing a Front Deck or Porch

When you close your eyes and imagine yourself outside your dream home, are you sitting comfortably on your own porch or craftsman deck?

Adding a front porch or deck to your home is a wonderful way to add living/storage space to your home. It also adds a beautiful aesthetic to the exterior.

Talk to your modular home specialist about what porch concept would work best with your modular home design.

Adding a deck is a great way to bring your interior living space outside. You could incorporate an outside kitchen, hot tub, garden space, or kid’s play area into the plans depending on your and your family’s needs. Maybe your porch will simply hold a hammock or rocking chair to relax

and take in the evening. Whatever your needs, a porch or deck is a great way to add a functional craftsman addition to your modular home.


3. Front Door Design Options

A front door is one of the first things you notice when approaching a home.

When approaching your home. What do you want your front door to say about your house?

The front entry point is a seemingly small part of the house that actually does a lot. The front door combines: utility, safety, and aesthetics and should also consider the climate. While you want your front door to be visually appealing, you also want to make sure it’s secure for safety reasons.

A custom-designed front door could go a long way in making the first impression of your home a positive one for guests—and a negative one for intruders.

4. Landscaping Your Home

When you’re designing your custom modular home, there are many details you can incorporate into the design to make your home beautiful from both inside and outside the home. One of the most important is your landscaping layout.

One of the biggest benefits of designing your own modular home is your ability to customize. There are so many options to make your home uniquely yours. Talk to your home designer about land grading options to help make your home and landscaping look their best.


5. Windows and Window Treatments

Another area of your home that’s noticed most immediately is your windows and window treatments.

Window design is an important detail when you’re creating your home plan. The shape, size, and type of windows make a difference in your home’s atmosphere.

Plan your windows based on how much natural light your home gets, how much natural light you want in your home, and how the window shape/design fits into your home concept. A professional designer will be able to advise you on what windows will work best, as well as look best.

To keep the natural light coming in, and to keep the heat out, Pratt Homes and other modular home builders use Low-E windows to reflect outside heat and improve thermal performance.


6. Roofing Material Options

A roof is another area of the home where functionality meets looks. It’s important to have a roof that works with the design of your modular home. This means a roof that will both work well with the type of home you’ve chosen and one that will look good.
There are a variety of roofing options to choose from: slate, tile, metal, and shingle.
Talk to your modular home designer about what roofing functions, as well as looks best for your home design and location.

Designing your own modular home comes with many benefits: unique, customizable options for everything from your home’s design to amenity additions and sustainability options, to ways to save money.

One of the biggest benefits, however, is that you’ll have a beautiful home faster and more affordable than if you’d chosen to build a traditional home.
Contact your local modular home builder today and start designing.

Pratt Homes Customer Testimonials:
“My husband and I have been very happy with our experience with Pratt Homes, and more specifically with our salesperson, Rustin Guarnere. He has kept his word on everything promised and was very easy to work with! We were full time RV living but are expecting our first baby and wanted to upgrade a little bit. We ended up buying a used modular tiny home from Pratt and have loved it so far! Tons of storage and have been especially happy with the A/C systems and how well they work in Texas heat! Would definitely recommend Rustin if you go to Pratt.”


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