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5 Reasons to Use a Modular Home as a Vacation House

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January 12, 2024 Homes

Are you ready to own a vacation home away from the city’s hustle and bustle but not sure you can afford it?

Have you considered using a modular home as a vacation home?

Modular homes are more affordable and faster to build than site-built homes, and they’re also uniquely customizable, with hundreds of floor plans to choose from. You can work with a home designer to create the vacation home of your dreams—for a price you can afford.

The rural areas of East Texas are ideal for situating your new modular cabin, modular farmhouse, or cottage-style modular vacation home.

Have you ever considered a tiny home for a second home?

A vacation tiny home is an ideal choice for someone with a great piece of property who wants an affordable vacation house to help enjoy it.

Pratt Homes in Tyler, Texas, has over 25 years of experience in both building vacation modular homes and tiny homes in the East Texas area.

East Texas, with its picturesque lakes, piney woods, and floral fields, is the perfect place for a vacation home.

Here’s a helpful list of reasons to choose a modular home or tiny home as a vacation home.

1. You Have Design Power

Vacation homes lend themselves to fun designs. If your land is located next to the water, a modular lake cabin or cottage design might be perfect to help create the ideal vacation vibe for you and your family. Include a fireplace inside or outside – or both – within your home’s design to create the perfect relaxation retreat.

Have you always wanted a little farmhouse with rustic, exposed wooden beams, relaxing in a luxurious tub looking out your window overlooking the piney woods? Choose from a range of modular farmhouse designs and find just the right style for you and your family.

A quaint cottage or a sleek modern abode – you have the choice of design!

Your modular home building expert will help you create a uniquely designed interior and exterior of your modular home that brings your vacation home dreams to life.


2. Affordable Dream Vacation Home

Because modular homes are built in a controlled factory environment, you will have fewer unexpected costs and expenses site-built homes can easily rack up. When you receive your estimate from the contractor of a site-built home, it’s truly just an “estimate.” Construction cost overruns, timelines, weather, etc., can all quickly add up to make your home cost considerably more than you’d budgeted. With your modular home, you’ll know the majority of the costs at the outset and be able to plan for exactly what you need.

Modular homes are affordable, and many modular home companies also provide assistance with finding financing options.

Pratt Modular Homes is one of the few modular home builders that provides their customers with a licensed mortgage loan originator on site to provide guidance and present available options for financing their modular vacation home. Mortgages, and the home building process, can be stressful and confusing, but having a licensed mortgage expert available to help you through the steps can make all the difference.

3. Retire in Comfort and Style

Many people are coming up to retirement age and considering where they want to spend their hard-earned retirement-free time. Choosing a modular home for a retirement vacation space is a much more affordable option for people on a budget, such as many retirees. A modular home is energy efficient, easy to maintain, and provides an affordable housing choice without compromising comfort or style.

In addition, single-story floor plan options are ideal for people wanting to avoid stairs.

Design your dream retirement home today and spend your best years relaxing and enjoying.


4. You’ll Have Your Vacation Home Sooner

Once you’ve decided on a modular second home or tiny home and you’ve completed your home design, you’ll only need to wait a short amount of time to enjoy your new getaway space. Modular and tiny homes are built faster than site-built homes, often in a few months versus over a year with site-built homes.

You don’t have to worry about weather-related delays in building because the homes are securely constructed in an indoor environment.


5. A Good Investment

Many times, people don’t want a second home and vacation property just for enjoying—they also serve as financial investments for the future and a source of rental income when the homeowner is away.

If you already own vacation property, adding a modular or tiny home could add to its value. A property becomes considerably more valuable once a living space is added.

Investing in a modular home as a vacation home is also an investment for the future of you and your family.

In today’s chaotic world, vacations are a necessity to recoup and regroup. However, taking your whole family on vacation and spending money on rentals can add up quickly.

Invest in and design your own modular or tiny vacation home today and have your dream retreat space at an affordable price, ready in a few short months.

Contact your local custom modular home designer today and start designing your vacation home tomorrow.


Pratt Homes Customer Testimonials:

I had a great experience with my purchase of a Tiny Home from Pratt Homes!! Blayne showed me several homes and he helped me find the perfect one within my budget and worked with me until all the details were final!! I needed to call Blayne with a question and he returned it even after his son was born. Wow! After my home was delivered they came out right away and fixed all the little minor issues with my home. They even installed my washer/dryer for me. I’m a happy Tiny Home owner!


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