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Your search for Texas manufactured homes may come to an end when you step into Pratts manufactured home, the Reagan. Don’t describe this lovely home as a double wide home. The Reagan is elegant, with 1,800 sq. ft, three bedrooms and two-bathrooms. If you’re looking to buy a manufactured home on a budget, the Reagan meets your needs. You choose your finishing with a Pratt manufactured home, so you control the final cost. The floor plan is what separates the Ali from other manufactured homes in Texas. The open plan provides room for every family member. The master bedroom provides a sanctuary from the outside world with a large private master bath and walk in closet. The floor plan keeps the family connected with the connected open kitchen, living room and dining room. One of the advantages of buying a manufactured home is that it is regulated and built to HUD (Government Department of Housing and Urban Development) standards that set and enforce requirements to ensure that manufactured homes are built safe and energy efficient.

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