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10 Things To Know About Us

  1. We Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk:  We have more of our current and previous employees living in the homes we've built than all the other builders in East Texas combined.  Just ask our competitors where their employees live.
  2. Energy Efficient:  We upgrade insulation, windows, and energy efficiency in every Pratt Home so more of your hard earned money stays in your pocket and less goes toward your energy bills.
  3. Full Time Service Department:  We have invested a huge amount of effort to create a full time service staff dedicated to meeting your needs in a timely, professional manner.
  4. Credibility:  We are the only home builder in East Texas that belongs to all three organizations:  Better Business Bureau, Tyler Chamber of Commerce, and the Tyler Area Builders Association.
  5. In House Realtor:  Allow us to help you locate property, process real estate contracts, and negotiate the best deal for you.
  6. Higher Standards:  We set high standards for the homes we construct.  We examine every detail of your home to ensure its excellence. Ask any housing consultant at Pratt Homes what our standards list includes.
  7. It's Your Home:  To better meet your family's individual needs, we do more customization than any other modular home builder in order to make a Pratt Home your home.
  8. Full Time Mortgage Loan Originator:  Our licensed finance department provides our customers with the latest and best answers to their finance questions and needs.
  9. Philanthropic Approach:  We have generated millions in donations and assisted in fund raisers for charities and causes such as St. Jude, Children's Miracle Network, Disabled American Veterans, Shriners, and the Special Olympics to name a few.
  10. It's Our Family Name:  We are so confident that you are going to love your new Pratt home, that we put our family name on it.